Personal Wellness: The Power of Being Present

The truth is you have to do more than just show up in your relationship. You must be present, but what does that look like?

Being present in your relationship is crucial to its success as it allows you to actually be in the moment with your partner. Not only does being present impact the longevity of your relationship, but it influences your happiness as well. Being present provides you with a level of connection needed to truly embrace and recognize your love for another, and to also help remind you of the reasons in which you love this individual. Being present is a gift—a gift that allows one to experience a moment, be aware of that occurrence, and take it in. Sharing memories with the person you love should not be taken for granted, but rather, they should be cherished, protected, and safely placed in your heart and mind. Are you present or just connect? We all share those memories with the family, friends, coworkers, significant others, and those who impacted our lives in a special way. Is there more that you can do? If you find that you have disconnected, how can you improve and strengthen the bond you share? Let’s talk about it …

Stop and Listen

Take time to listen. Don’t think of what you should say next, but be present and pay attention to the words. Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that can help the person across the room feel valued and heard.


The most crucial aspect of any dynamic duo is communication. Talk to each other. Ask questions, share stories, express feelings, be present.

Be Present

Make it a priority to spend time alone—just the two of you. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, spending a day at the local museum, or doing something fun, take time to embrace the moment, share, and commit to one another.

Share Space

Share space, whether it’s sharing a home, sharing a cab, or sharing your heart. Be respectful, be kind, and let your friend in. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to trust. With self-exposure comes excellent connection. Opening up can sometimes be difficult, so do it when you’re ready, but know that the benefits to your relationship will be gratifying.

Be Mindful

A significant part of being present is mindful. Be considerate of your friend. Be attentive; be aware. Be careful with the heart and feelings of others. Caring about and for one another will also deepen your bond and further strengthen your relationship.

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